Gmail Signup

This Gmail Signup tutorial will guide you through the process  in creating a gmail account. Creating a Gmail account is super easy and you can create as many as you want for different purposes. Gmail does not limit its users on the number of accounts that one person is able to create.

  1. Go to Gmail’s official site: by typing it in your browser or just by clicking the link above.


          2. Click where it says “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”. You will                then be taken to the Gmail signup form that looks                  like the image shown below.

   gmail signup


  • Go ahead and fill out all the text-boxes with your name, last name, desired username, password, birthday, gender and mobile phone number.
  • Click Next and then click “No Thanks” in the page about creating your Google+ Profile.
  • gmail signup 3
  • Last but not least, you will be taken to your new gmail account, your email interface.
  • gmail signup 4
  • Its very important that you save your password somewhere else like in a notepad file in case you forget it and that you provide a mobile number in case you forget your password and need to change your Gmail password, recover or reset it.